Does it seem like this is week 98 (.1) of self-quarantining? Does it feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is a train heading for you? Do you feel like you just can't keep going this way? Maybe it's time to change your perspective.

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When we get anxious, we have a tendency to jump to conclusions. If you watch the cable news, you'll feel anxiety in a heartbeat and I believe that is done on purpose. Think about who told you the story and take to heart what you've heard.

Don't let their story become your story. I think second-hand stories can be more dangerous than second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke can damage your lungs but second-hand stories can damage your life...or at least your piece of mind.

This is a difficult season but you can still tell the story. You can't choose the situation but you can choose the story. For example, you get a flat tire and your story can be A) It's going to be one of those days for me or B) This may have helped me miss an accident two miles down the road.

It's easy to be nervous because we don't know what's exactly going on. Think about all the things that we did that we wouldn't have done normally when we were hit with the COVID-19 crisis. We were hoarding toilet paper, taking money out of the bank and we went into self-protection mode.

Think about when this is all over, what your story will be...good or bad. The best is yet to come because as I've been saying throughout the coronavirus pandemic, "I've read the Book and I know how it ends...and we win.



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