Mary Tyler Moore passed away on January 27th  at the age of 80, so today we'll flashback to some of Mary's memorable moments on Throwback Thursday.

Mary Tyler Moore was introduced to television viewers all over the world when she was cast as Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke show in 1961.

The show ran for five years with 158 episodes and featured a comedy writer and his wife and their day to day life combining work and home.

The show allowed Mary to show off her dancing and musical skills as the show would often have the cast members performing on the fictional Alan Brady Show.

Some of my favorite episode included the walnut episode and the baby mix up (clips from both in videos below)

Mary's cry was epic, along with her 'Oh Rob' catch phrase.

In 1970 Mary returned to television with a new identity and an extract opposite of her house wife role in the 60's sitcom with the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Mary Richards (Moore) was a single woman living on her own and working as a producer of a local news television station.

The show ran for 7 seasons, 168 episodes and had an all star cast of memorable charter actors including Ed Asner, Gavin MacLeod, Ted Knight, Betty White and Valerie Harper who along with cast member Cloris Leachman had their own spin off series with 'Rhoda' and Phyllis.

One of my favorite episodes was the Chuckles the Clown Funeral scene (see video clip below)

Mary was my first crush when I was a little boy, she was so beautiful.

Enjoy this week's Throwback Thursday memories from Mary Tyler Moore


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