The show made its debut in 2004 and ran for six seasons and dealt with a group of plane crash survivors, a mysterious island and a smoke monster.

The opening scene shows a plane crash with the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on an island somewhere in the world.

One of the main characters a man named John Locke and a doctor named Jack Shepherd help survivors deal with survival on a deserted island which creates many twists through its run.

JJ Abrams was one of the show’s creators, I am a big fan of his work so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to the series when it was available on Netflix. My wife and I binge watched it 118 episodes can take some time, weeks actually.

The show will hook you in with its many twists and subjects, which continue to introduce new people and unfolded drama.

I really liked the show I will not spoil the ending for you if you plan on watching it, I really liked the show and was engaged with each episode.

Hurley was one of my favorite characters and I liked Sawyer he was a live wire.

My Throwback Thursday Memory for this week the Sci-Fi TV epic ‘Lost’


Check out trailer for season one and the entire show in 8 minutes (spoiler)



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