15 years ago, you may have come in to work the next day talking about the latest episode of this popular comedy viewed by millions each week, it ran for 9 seasons from 1995 to 2004.

I starting watching this show after the first season and never stopped, I still like to check out the reruns when I see them on the channel guide.

The show was created and named after the actor and lead character who works for a Cleveland based department store and his everyday life with his dysfunctional friends, and an over made up foe named Mimi Bobeck.

I loved the exchange between Drew and Mimi, one of my favorite episodes in when Mimi had a little person who was made up just like her and she called her mini Mimi.

The show featured a host of great supporting actors included Drews long time improv buddy from “Who’s Line is it Anyway’ Ryan Stiles.

Actor Diedrich Bader played Oswald, his character reminding me of Lowell from the sitcom ‘Wings’

Late Show Talk Host Craig Ferguson played Drews boss Nigel, and Christa Miller was his friends and sometimes love interest Kate.

I loved the show and thought it could have continued for a few more seasons but the last episode aired September 8, 2004.

My throwback Thursday memory this week is ‘The Drew Carey Show’

Check out some moments from the show and the weekly opening musical number below






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