The show ruled the late 80’s and most of the 1990’s and now the sitcom is reuniting with original cast members for new millennial version.

The first real show that exposed the not so glamorous Conner family as they dealt with day to day situations everyday people face, like raising children, money issues, marriage and family.

What made the show so appealing was the fact that they were not the prefabricated stereotypical sitcom family, like the Brady Bunch with their perfect looking kids and good looking parents.

Comedian Roseanne Barr was the perfect person to play the matriarch, because she was believable, did Mrs. Brady ever tell Greg she would slap him right in the face, no but many mom throughout time have probably said that to their children and Rosanne Conner would get in your face if you were out of line.

Enter Dan Conner played by John Goodman, the working class husband who would pick his battles with Rosanne, like many husbands and wives do in the real world.

The rest of the cast was believable in the real family world, and it kept millions of American viewers coming back each week to see what other drama would unfold.

The new version of Rosanne should be interesting given the fact that John Goodman’s character Dan died in the finale, and Becky was not married to David.

Many believe the new version will ignore the shows original finale and life will go on for the Conner family.

My throwback Thursday is the hilarious TV sitcom Roseanne.

Check out some clips of memories from the show below.




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