They moved in next door to the Bunkers, and in 1975 they got their own sitcom spin-off that lasted for 11 seasons.

We remember the opening song that explained the shows premise "We're moving on up, to the East Side, to a deee-luxe apartment in the sky ... ."

I like to think of the mid 70's as a time when television crawled out of the stone ages and gave equal time to African Americans on television sitcoms.

The show was hilarious and featured George and his wife Louise (weezy) their sarcastic maid Florence, the Willis family that were an interracial married couple, and the odd neighbor Mr Bentley.

Created by Norman Lear the show was an instant hit.

George Jefferson was played by Sherman Helmsley and was a black version of Archie Bunker, not quite as bigoted, but shared many of the narrow minded qualities.

Weezy was like Edith but not as dim witted.

Florence the maid played by Marla Gibbs was the perfect foil to George with sarcastic comebacks, her character provided some hilarious moments.

I watched the show from start to finish and loved it.

My Throwback Thursday memory 'The Jeffersons'

Enjoy a few video clips from the show

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