My Throwback this week brings this 1980’s TV show back down to earth featuring Michael Landon as an angel on probation sent down to earth to help people, Victor French co-starred as his human sidekick.

The show ran from 1984 to 1989  and each week angel Jonathan Smith and retired cop Mark Gordon would be involved in what they called an assignment to help another human in conflict.

Jonathan and Mark would begin the show in a new city or town taking odd jobs and meeting new people.

I remember the show featured many guest appearances from big names as well as up and coming actors, some of them starred on previous shows that Michael Landon starred on, like Little House on the Prairie (that featured Victor French) and Bonanza (Lorne Green who played Landon's father on that show)

There was always a conflict either a sick loved one, or a person that was bitter and disgruntled.

The show always ended with something positive and uplifting, it always made you feel good, Michael Landon was a great actor and director.

Victor French died of lung cancer in 1989 and Michael Landon died in 1991, both men were 54 years old.

My Throwback Thursday Memory for this week is 'Highway to Heaven'

Enjoy full episodes, and some HTH bloopers.





[via imdb]

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