Kids Klassics
Kids Klassics

One of the biggest children's television show of the baby boomer era and a 30 years run that ended in 1993, revisit the Captain here.

Captain Kangaroo show ran long beyond my childhood, with a 30 year run on CBS and another six years on public television, coming to an end in 1993.

I'll always remember the music and how the Captain would put his key ring on a hook. The music would then stop and in the earlier version, the Captain would open little doors inside the main door and look through at you, the audience. Captain Kangaroo won six Emmy Awards and entertainment children all around the world.

As a matter of fact, I can recall one of the cartoon sketches on the show was Tom Terrific with Manfred the Wonder Dog and his arch enemy, Crabby Appleton. Mr. Moose would tell jokes and always lure the Captain into a spot where he would be showered with ping pong balls. I remember, the Bunny Rabbit character never spoke, but he would find a way to get carrots away from the Captain, and Dancing Bear would of course dance to musical numbers.

What do YOU remember from the series? Check out video clips from my Throwback Thursday memory, below:

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