The shown ran from in the late 70’s and was seen for years in syndication all over the world, and it’s host Chuck Barris passed away on Tuesday, so this week we’re flashing back to The Gong Show.

The show was campy and had some real talented moments, but mostly it was hilariously funny.

Long before Star Search, American Idol and America’s Got talent, people brought there unusual entertainment skills to American TV viewers, while guest celebrity judges would praise them, but mostly gong them for basically stinking up the stage.

The winners received $516.32, that amount was later amended to $712.05 during the syndicated run.

I remember seeing the ‘Unknown Comic’ for the first time, and the stylish moves of ‘Gene Gene Dancing Machine’

The show featuring countless celebrities from television, comedy, music, movies and of course Chuckie Baby’s unique delivery and cornball jokes.

I loved it when the judges would go up on stage and take the contestant by the hand and lead them over to the gong and make them gong themselves.

Chuck Barris was an incredibly talented producer, host, author and creator of some of the biggest classic TV game shows such as the Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and this week’s throwback Thursday moment ‘The Gong Show’

Check out some memorable moments from The Gong Show.




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