The first full week of June is National Gardening Week and the first Friday is "People Love Picked Flowers" Day. People love to get picked flowers from a loved one today or any day.

It shows that you are taking the time to pick flowers for them or you're taking the time to sneak into your neighbor's yard to pick the pretty ones.....Whoops, didn't mean to spill the beans on that one.

Different flowers can mean different things to different people, so how do you really know what flower is best???? You're asking me?  I have to ask my daughter, Tara, what the difference between Annuals and Perennials are.

But I do know this: Women love to get flowers from their man. Why? I'll tell you why.

It helps to cover up the smell of your dirty laundry that is stacking up in the corner. Your woman can tell a lot sooner then you that it's time to put them into the hamper.

Flowers are better than chocolates. Men won't eat half of the flowers.

The delivery man will bring them right to your door....and he isn't carrying pizza.

So happy "People Love Picked Flowers" Day. I think I have some flowers you can pick in my garden....I call them "weeds", you can call them anything you want.

[Holiday Insights]


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