It happens in the second full week of January and I'm not sure why but here it goes.  A little something for the ladies...until Valentine's Day, it's Manwatcher's Week. You're a man and the women aren't paying you much attention.

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You've tried everything and it just doesn't seem to be working. Take it from a man that doesn't get watched much, maybe you're doing it wrong.

Here's a little man-to-man help for you. Don't do these and your luck may change for the better:

Don't comb the long strands of your remaining hair across the top of your head. As I'm getting older, I'm thinking about doing the whole shave-it-bald thing but I'm afraid I would look too much like Charlie Brown.

Don't put on the whole bottle of Old Spice or Aqua Velva before you go out. This is definitely a case of more is not better.

Just because it itches, doesn't mean you should scratch it in front of the ladies...If you're watching sports with your guy buddies, maybe.

Don't eat a full can of beans and chili before church. You don't want to put the pew into pew.

By the way, I couldn't find when "Girl Watcher's Day" is but most guys will tell you that it's every day. Happy Manwatcher's Week and remember ladies, no stalking. Okay, maybe just a little.

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