February 17th  is "Random Act of Kindness" Day and with all the crapola that's going on around us, I think we could use a little (make that a lot) kindness. Just think about the time that someone did something nice for you? It's amazing how it can turn a so-so day into something so much better.

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When I've done something nice for someone else, I've found it does a lot of good for me too. They say that a true act of kindness is when you do something nice for someone else without letting anyone know about it. There is some truth to that but I've recently discovered that may not be entirely true.

It was brought up at church and it made more sense than I thought it would. Here's the Readers Digest version: It's okay that other people find out about the good that we do for others if we aren't doing it for our own glory.

At first, I didn't understand why, until I put it into practice. By now, you may have heard me tell the story about Cassidy. She's a 17-year-old girl (the same age as my daughter, Tara) that is in need of a kidney transplant.

Random Acts Of Kindness

I wanted to help her and her family because I couldn't imagine what that would be like if it happened to my own kids. I've done some small things to try and help her and her family.

I never wanted to make it about me, so I wasn't going to tell anyone else about it. However, after hearing the message about letting others know, I decided to tell my friend, Jeff about what I did. His response was to help out too.

I shared my story with a few other people and they all wanted to help. One lady bought Cassidy a gas card to help with her trips to Syracuse. I think the bottom line is that doing good for others is a great way to go, whether we let other people know.

Here's my final thought. Today may be "Random Act of Kindness" Day but I'm becoming convinced that maybe some of these acts aren't random at all. Speaking of kindness, here are some other ways that you can spread kindness today...or any day.

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