On Friday, February 11th, there were churches, schools, and organizations all across the country and the world that were celebrating Tim Tebow's "Night to Shine." This year, Two Rivers Church in Johnson City was invited to be a part of this special event.

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"Night to Shine" is a prom for teens and adults with special needs, age 14 and up. It's a night of tuxedos and gowns, a walk up and down the Red Carpet, dancing, crowning of all of our Kings and Queens, and a whole lot more.

Because of covid, the prom itself was virtual, so Two River's held a "Shine-Thru" drive-thru experience before the event. Volunteers and law enforcement from all over the Southern Tier gathered at 1 Chrisfield Avenue in Johnson City beginning at 5 p.m. to celebrate with our Honored Guests.

The weather couldn't have been better for February. Friday, February 4th, the roads and sidewalks were literally freezing in the Southern Tier. On Friday, February 11th, the temperatures were in the 50's but wind gusts were reaching 30 mph throughout the day.

At 4:45 p.m., the winds died down and stayed away for the rest of the night. Talk about your God Wink. So did everyone have fun? You bet they did and here's the proof.

Tim Tebow's "Night to Shine" At Two Rivers Church in Johnson City

I was asked about the Top Hat and the duck cane. I told them that when we have people like Fred Akshar and all of our Honored Guests, then it's time to dress for the occasion.

There were over 40 Honored Guests that attended this event and we can't wait until next year. I want to thank all of the Honored Guests that participated and all of the volunteers that gave up their time to help pull this awesome event off.


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