When I drive around the neighborhood, I've noticed that more and more people are gardening and planting flowers. They have been staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic and with other activities like eating in a restaurant, going to the movies, or attending a sporting event, they've been doing more around the house.

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This week, we want to celebrate the gardeners because the first full week of June is National Gardening Week. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that gardening is therapeutic. It's also a great excuse to get away from everyone without having to leave the house.

If you are into gardening then you'll love today because it's Gardening Exercise Day. Most people don't realize that gardening is exercise and the weather is looking good with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70's. So you have no excuse...unless you were looking for one then it's a bad day.

Think about all the things that you do when you are gardening: Raking, digging, swearing...ok, that's more a mental exercise. Gardening is good for the mind (especially if you don't mind weeding), body, and soul.

Enjoy the day, get fresh air, and celebrate one of America's favorite hobbies. Go out and exercise with your plants. The nice thing about that is they won't tell on you if you stop after only two minutes and take a nap on the hammock under the tree.

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