Have you ever noticed that when there is a lull in the conversation, we automatically talk about the weather??????? Did you know that there is a Winter Weather Advisory for the 98.1 the Hawk listening area beginning at 8 p.m. tonight until Thursday morning at 10 a.m.? See what I did there?

Speaking of weather, did you know that today is John Jeffries birthday? WHO?? Jeffries took the 1st balloon observation in 1784 and was one of America's first weather observers. You mean no one else observed the weather before that?

I observe it every day and I'll certainly be observing later this evening as I'm traveling. It's crazy, we had temperatures around 50 on Monday and tomorrow we could be slip-sliding our way to work. So much for Puxatawney Phil's early spring prediction. See, I'm observing...I digress.

Today we commemorate Jeffries birth with National Weatherman's Day. In honor of the men and women that bring us the weather, here are some pick-up lines that weathermen use:

I predict a warm breeze...will blow in your ear.

It' gonna be cold today...but with you in my forecast, it will get warmer.

You spelled "forecast" wrong. There should be "U" and "I" in it.

I'm not the morning DJ...Hey, wait a minute!

If any of these lines work, then you must look like Jim Cantore. Although the line he uses is "Hi, I'm Jim Cantore."

If you see a weatherman's shadow, does that mean six more weeks of winter? Happy NW Day!

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