After what feels like months of snow, rain, and gloomy weather, forecasters are predicting a beautiful day in Binghamton with loads of sunshine and temperatures hovering around 75 degrees.

This taste of spring is exactly what the Southern Tier region needs to lift our spirits and usher in brighter days.

Could Today Break Temperature Records?

At 75 degrees, the warmth this in early April is definitely noteworthy, and many are wondering if today's temperature will break any records in the area. According to historical data, it appears that we may be on the verge of witnessing a record-breaking day.

Historical Temperature Records

The highest temperature ever recorded in Binghamton on April 9th was 77 degrees, which occurred back in 1945. This 77 degree temperature holds the top spot for the warmest April 9th day on record in Binghamton. Remarkably, the second-highest temperature for this date was 75 degrees, recorded in 1991 and today could be the day that we tie that second-high record.

Appreciating the Warmth

Although reaching the record-breaking 77 degree mark may be a stretch for the Binghamton area today, even hitting 75 degrees would make this day stand out in Binghamton's weather archives which is pretty fantastic.

Enjoy This Beautiful Day in Binghamton

With sunshine seemingly scarce in much of the Southern Tier, today is the perfect day to open the windows, go for a walk, have lunch outside, play with the kids, and soak in all of the glorious sunshine. This taste of spring is such a great way to rejuvenate our spirits after days of cold, dreary weather especially because we're anticipated to return to typical April weather after today with much cooler temperatures, clouds, and rain in the upcoming forecast.

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