Japanese beetles are invasive pests that can wreak havoc on gardens in New York.

These little insects are attracted to well-watered lawns and can quickly destroy a wide range of plant species. It is important for New Yorkers to understand the threat that Japanese beetles bring with them and take action to prevent their infestation.
How Moisture Attracts Japanese Beetles

You may have never considered this, but simply watering your lawn can attract Japanese beetles to your garden. These pests are drawn to moist conditions, which are ideal for their reproductive process. Watering your lawn regularly in the summer months creates the perfect breeding ground for Japanese beetles, leading to an infestation that can cause extensive damage to your plants.

Disrupting the Life Cycle

To prevent Japanese beetles from infesting your garden, you need to disrupt their life cycle. One way to do that is to water your lawn less or stop completely for a short period in late summer when the beetles lay their eggs. By creating a dry environment, you can help stop the hatching and survival of the beetle larvae, helping to decrease their population in your garden.

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Signs of Japanese Beetle Damage

Before you just stop watering your lawn this summer, make sure you actually have a Japanese beetle infestation. Inspect your plants for telltale signs, including brown, veiny leaves, and holes in flowers. Japanese beetles like to munch on a wide range of plants, and their feeding can cause significant damage. Recognizing the signs early on will allow you to get ahead of a bigger issue.

Seeking Professional Help

If you have cool-season grass and are faced with a Japanese beetle problem, you may need to reach out to a professional for help. They can provide expert advice on how to balance the prevention of Japanese beetles with the maintenance of a healthy lawn, taking into consideration the specific needs of your grass type.

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