There is new dating trend in the Empire State and it's changing the dating scene ...especially among the single millennials and Gen Zers.

According to a nationwide survey,  over 80% of Gen Z and millennials have already tried a dry date this year. Nearly 2 out of 3 of them say  they prefer having alcohol-free dates. What's the reason for this trend and why are 75% of young single people giving dry dating a shot in 2024?

With the price of everything going up, dry dating saves some cash. Almost 3 in 4 millennials and Gen Zers say that dry dating helps them save money. They're saving almost $90 per month by skipping the alcohol during their dates.

It's not just about the money either. Nearly 70% of people said that they felt a stronger bond with their date when alcohol was not involved. They think that without the liquid courage and potential impairments, they can have better conversations and get to know each other better.

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More young people think healthy and they see dry dating as a healthier approach to a romantic relationship. Almost 90% of the people who took the survey said that alcohol-free dates is a great way to go especially early in the dating process.

Staying sober is being embraced as 1 in 3 millennials and Gen Zers saying they don't drink alcohol at all. Over half of the people say they plan to cut back on drinking during their dates in 2024. 

I'm a dad that has a daughter who is approaching the drinking age and I'M ALL FOR DRY DATING!  So, the next time that you're thinking about a date night in New York, I would love it if you gave dry dating a try.

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