Southern Tier resident Stacey Teed's life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with PKD (Poly Cystic Kidney Disease) at the young age of 25 and now, Stacey is in a race against time. He must find a live kidney donor.

A Life-Changing Diagnosis

Stacey vividly recalls the moment he received the devastating news – his blood pressure was dangerously high, and he was suffering from walking pneumonia. Further tests revealed the harsh reality: Stacey had PKD, a condition for which only a kidney transplant could offer hope. Despite the initial shock, Stacey continued to navigate through life while managing the complications caused by the disease.

The Quest for a Transplant

Stacey’s journey led him to Dr. Sally Lee, a nephrology specialist at the Guthrie Clinic, who assisted him in getting registered for a transplant at Albany Medical Center. However, after exploring other options, Stacey decided to switch his registration to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, a facility known for performing a higher volume of transplants.

Urgency of Treatment

In June 2022, Stacey found himself in a critical situation as his health declined, compelling him to begin dialysis treatment. This pivotal moment forced him to confront a difficult decision: resigning from his position at BAE Systems. Consequently, he had to pursue long-term disability benefits and eventually apply for Social Security Disability Insurance.

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Family Challenges and Personal Struggles

PKD has not only taken a toll on Stacey but has also affected his family, with several siblings battling kidney-related issues. Tragically, Stacey’s oldest sister succumbed to complications of the disease. Stacey's health journey has been marred by multiple heart attacks, a consequence of the damaging effects of kidney disease on the body.

Hoping for the Gift of Life

Now in stage five kidney failure at 61 years old, Stacey is in urgent need of a life-saving kidney transplant. The option of a living donor is advocated by Stacey's medical professionals for the best long-term prognosis, as the wait for a deceased donor's kidney could be too lengthy.

Stacey Teed
Stacey Teed

Searching for a Match

If you have blood type O and are interested in being evaluated as a potential kidney match for Stacey Teed, please reach out to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. You can contact them at 585-275-7753. To facilitate the process, kindly provide Stacey's full name – Stacey Teed – and his date of birth, which is March 30, 1963.

The Gift of Life: Living Kidney Donation

Direct kidney donation is a remarkable opportunity for healthy individuals to make a life-changing difference. Whether to a relative, friend, or even a stranger in need, as long as their blood types are compatible, this selflessness can offer hope and a new lease on life.

In cases where blood types do not match, innovative alternatives like a "paired exchange" can be explored. This involves a swap between two donors and recipients, ensuring each recipient receives a compatible kidney from a suitable donor.

The surgical procedure to remove a kidney from a living donor is typically minimally invasive, resulting in a faster recovery compared to other major surgeries. The remaining kidney in the donor's body compensates by growing slightly larger and effectively performing the same work as two kidneys.

Extensive research has shown that living kidney donors not only enjoy the same life expectancy and general health as individuals with two healthy kidneys but also experience normal kidney function.

Living kidney donation also offers significant advantages for patients in urgent need, such as Stacey Teed. It dramatically reduces the wait time for a new kidney, minimizing the effects of prolonged kidney failure. Additionally, living kidney transplants have higher success rates and lower risks of complications compared to deceased donor transplants.

Living kidney donors are not responsible for any medical expenses related to the evaluation process, surgery, hospitalization, or immediate post-operative care. The selfless act of donating a kidney is supported by various initiatives and organizations that ensure the well-being and support of donors throughout the entire process.

By considering living kidney donation, individuals like Stacey Teed can regain hope and embark on a new chapter of improved health and well-being. If you are inspired to make a difference or want to learn more about becoming a living kidney donor, reach out to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester by calling 585-275-7753.

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