The Cortland Red Dragons got some great football news over the weekend. Two of their standout players, Cole Burgess and JJ Lapp, have been given a chance to show their stuff in the NFL. Burgess has signed a free-agent deal with the Cincinnati Bengals, while Lapp has signed a deal with the Los Angeles Rams.

Burgess, is a wide receiver and has made a name for himself during his time at Cortland. His performance on the field has give him a chance in the NFL and has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. With stats like1375 yards and 16 touchdowns, the Bengals saw something in Burgess and wasted no time bringing him to the team.

On the other side of the country, Lapp will be joining the Los Angeles Rams. Lapp also made a big impact as a wide receiver on the Cortland football team. His stats of 70 receptions, 1291 yards, and 14 touchdowns during the 2023 season caught the attention of NFL scouts.

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The Rams know a lot about offensive players and they were impressed with Lapp's skills and saw potential in him. As Lapp goes to LA, he carries the hopes and dreams of fans who have seen his talent on the college football field.

Both Burgess and Lapp credit their time at Cortland for their development as football players. The training by the university's football program played a big role in shaping them into the athletes they are today. As you would expect, Cortland Red Dragon fans are proud to see their former players achieving their dreams in the NFL.

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