Recently on the Hawk Morning Show, we were talking about a book that Traci found called "Modern Dating, A Field Guide."  It talked about what does and doesn't work in the love and dating world (or as I call it "the dating pool.")

If you're trying to find love then you've come to the right place because 'Sweetest Day' is on its way. It's always on the 3rd Saturday in October and it's a day of "loving" but not just loving but "great loving."

So here's my free advice for successful love especially on Sweetest Day:

Never keep secrets from each other.....unless it's Christmas presents.

Find a woman that's smarter than you.....but she doesn't know it.

Let them think they are in control...but you really are.

Don't put them on a pedestal....because they can only look down on you.

Most important...RUN....I mean, love yourself first. That sounds creepier than I meant it.

The key is to be "sweet" to somebody but a good place to start is your "sweetie." So enjoy 'Sweetest Day' and remember my advice is worth what you paid for it. Which might be the same as what you might get from your wife this weekend if she reads this.

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