Most workplace affairs only last between six months and two years and generally they end in heartbreak, bitterness, and if both people continue to work at the same place, a whole lot of awkwardness. Why then are so many New Yorkers itching to engage in hanky panky with a co-worker?

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Studies have said employees shouldn't compare their co-workers to family because that means there isn't a healthy separation between work life and home life and that's a big ball of toxicity, but it's nearly impossible to not feel for the co-workers we spend the majority of our day with. We laugh and cry with them and sometimes even bicker. We have feelings of concern, friendship, compassion, and yes, sometimes even lust.

If you've ever felt something that can only be described as more than friendliness toward a co-worker, you're not alone. Eight percent of New Yorkers say that they've got the hots for their boss (that's super dangerous territory, but the way) while 35 percent of people say they've found themselves attracted to one of their co-workers.

When it comes to inner office romance, 52 percent of employees in the state of New York say that they are completely open to not only exploring the idea of having a romantic affair with one of their colleagues, but actually going through with the affair.

Apparently the days of people turning up their noses at office romances are gone, at least for the majority of people who are employees in the state of New York. 75 percent of people who hold down a job in New York say that there's really nothing wrong with office romances and that they're completely okay with co-workers hooking up.

While office romances might not be as big a scandal as they once were, there's still a fine line between romantic involvement between two single co-workers and married co-workers and there's also some muddy water when it comes to being married to a co-worker.

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