Are You Unknowingly Guilty of Table Time Hogging?
Oh, how all of the romantic ideas used to float on clouds through my head. And then, I got married.
Listen, I'm not saying that the romance in my marriage is dead but I am saying that when I'm able to actually sit down for a meal without my child needing me, work calling me, or someone having a catas…
Talking About Your Ex
You might want to reconsider before picking up the phone to call your friends and vent about your ex because they're actually tired of listening.
Love at First Sight
Hundreds of people all agree- when it comes to falling in love, you can’t just make it happen. There’s no scientific formula. It just happens or it doesn’t.
1st Date Brawl Over Bill
Progress toward gender equality means women are offering to pay, or at least split the bill on first dates.  Welp, needless to say, this went horribly wrong.
A 37-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman in Hong Kong went on a first date to a Japanese barbecue restaurant on Sunday night...
She Saved his Life on Their First Date!
Janie Hall- 45, a woman from Missouri recently met a guy on the dating site And they had their first date at a Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City about two weeks ago,. I couldn't find his name but he's in his 50's. She liked that he's a veteran who…
The Perfect Dating Profile Pic
A new study just dropped that's a road map for how to be the best when dating online. How to get more dates by posting pictures that get the most response. The tips for men and women are totally different! and my pic above is apparently ALL WRONG...
Tinder's Secret Service
There was a time when people looked down on those who used dating websites and apps, and it's because the world was ignorant of them. People had a hard time understanding what was wrong with meeting people face to face- the old fashioned way...

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