I used to feel really sad when I would hear about a relationship dissolving, even if I didn't know the couple going through a rough time but that was before I went through my own breakup after being with the same person for nearly a decade.

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Sometimes a breakup is a sad time, but sometimes it's more healthy and healing than anything else which is something I learned after walking away from a toxic 10-year relationship. None of us knows what goes on behind closed doors so we have no room to judge.

2020 has been a hard year all the way around and to those who have faced major bumps in your relationships and have managed to steamroll over them, flattening out the bumps and smoothing your road, I salute you. And to those of you who realized that staying with the person you've hung in there with has been doing more harm than good and have made the decision to walk away and find your happiness, I also salute you.

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