I am one proud dad as my daughter, Tara is getting married to Ayden next year. They have begun the process of sending out invitations, finding a venue and everything that goes with the getting married process.

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It is not cheap getting married and I'm thrilled that I can help them out financially. However not everyone is that fortunate and it can set couples back for years to come.

There are over 37,000 couples in New York that are getting married this summer. and a recent survey by BadCredit.org says money troubles will be crashing their wedding.  Personal loans are the way that many soon-to-be-married couples go to pay for their wedding.

Here's the thing, if your credit score isn’t good, then you could be out of luck. Even if you aren't borrowing it, money is money. Things are going to get tight and then throw in wedding anxiety, it's a recipe for a rough beginning for the lovebirds.

New Yorkers aren't the only ones going through this problem. Delaware and Arkansas are also in the same boat, with many couples changing their plans because of money problems.

Even with these setbacks, there's a silver lining here. The majority of NY couples still have hope, with more than half aiming to say 'I do' within the next few years...including my daughter.

Even when faced with the choice of a flashy, wallet-busting bash or a money-smart ceremony, almost everyone wants the second option...especially this father of the bride.

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