The Greater Binghamton has so many great choices for ice cream that it's hard to hit them all, but you must admit, it would be certainly fun to try.  If you haven't read Traci's list of 'Where to Get an Ice Cream in the Southern Tier,' you must click HERE for this essential reading material.

Then one of our contributors spent an interesting afternoon on a tasty assignment to find the 'Biggest Dip in the Southern Tier.  I would like to add, that there may be a Part II to the story as some wonderful readers pointed out that there were places we left off the study.

Reader's Digest recently did an article on what your favorite ice cream says about your personalty.  For example, vanilla lovers are impulsive.  Rocky Road lovers are aggressive.  Strawberry ice cream lovers are introverts.  Chocolate fans are said to be flirtatious.  Coffee lovers are dramatic.  Mint chocolate chip eaters can be argumentative.  And if you love chocolate chip ice cream, you're most likely generous.

Here's to the best summer ever in the Southern Tier and to good ice cream!

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