We can only imagine that the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream company, the same company behind mac and cheese ice cream, was trying to redeem itself after its last two interesting ice cream flavors.

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In 2021, Brooklyn's Van Leeuwen Ice Cream teamed up with Kraft to introduce a $12 pint of mac and cheese ice cream in celebration of National Macaroni and Cheese Day and that raised a whole lot of eyebrows.

The reaction to the pricy ice cream was mixed however, Eater.com said that the ice cream was "very good," and "nothing short of magical." Eater described the ice cream as similar in flavor to macaroni and cheese but said that the texture was different and thankfully, there was no cheesy smell.

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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is also the same company that recently teamed up with Hidden Valley to introduce ranch-flavored ice cream that nobody seems to enjoy. People are genuinely repulsed.

"I got some today to try and holy hell I would rather lick the floor of Grand Central Station. I'm sorry but it's not good. Onion powder and garlic powder don't belong in Ice Cream.” “Angela Mitchum via Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Facebook

The company is at it again but instead of teaming up with Kraft or Hidden Valley, they teamed up with the Idaho Potato Commission – you know the people behind almost all of the potatoes we pick up at the grocery store.

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The ice cream is called "Malted Milkshake and Fries," and there are actual potato pieces in the ice cream. The fry pieces were created using Idaho potato flakes and the company says that the addition of the potatoes gives the ice cream "old-school diner vibes."

People who love to dip their hot salty French fries in cold ice cream claim that this new flavor tastes just like that without the hot factor. No surprise the Malted Milkshake and Fries ice cream is getting a lot of good reviews and it’s probably because the flavor is less ranch(y) and more something the average person can get behind.

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