I have not, in all of my life, ever gone for a milkshake in New York state and once heard someone gush over what is supposedly our state's favorite milkshake flavor.

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When I think milkshakes, my thoughts go from one extreme to the other. I either think of a classic chocolate milkshake or of the milkshakes sold by the restaurant on Washington Street in Binghamton that takes their milkshakes to a new galaxy with truly out of this world toppings and flavors.

The group at RTA Outdoor Living was super curious to find out where Americans stand on the subject of milkshakes and what our favorite milkshake flavors are so, they turned to Google, and again, I'm going to call Google out on this by debunking what it claims is New York's favorite milkshake flavor.

RTA Outdoor Living poured over used Google Trends and analyzed the search volume for the most searched milkshake flavor in each of the states and from there, they determined which flavor each state loved the most. Let me just say this - the "favorite flavor" of New Yorkers was only the favorite flavor in one other state.

What RTA Outdoor Living says is that the most popular milkshake flavor overall is the strawberry milkshake. Strawberry was closely followed by chocolate, Oreo, Shamrock Shake, and vanilla to round out the top five.

Was New York’s favorite flavored milkshake among any of those five? Nope. Apparently, our favorite flavor of milkshake is pineapple. Pineapple. Seriously? Not knocking pineapple, but truly can't remember the last time I heard someone order a pineapple shake.

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