How cool is this? A viral video challenge crowned an Upstate New York ice cream shop as the ultimate scoop destination!

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One viral content creator and his group of college buddies decided to settle a debate about where people could find the tastiest ice cream in the United States. Cohen Thompson, a Texas A&M student, set out on a 48-state journey, documenting the search for the best ice cream in the nation. It was Upstate New York where they discovered a gem that claimed the title of the best ice cream parlor in America.

Thompson included nearly 100,000 social media followers on the hunt for the ultimate scoop. From documenting every bite of their frosty adventures, they crowned one ice cream shop as supreme, thanks to its fresh ingredients and unique flavors.

Spotted Duck via Facebook
Spotted Duck via Facebook

The Spotted Duck Creamery, located in Penn Yan, Upstate New York, received the honor of being named the best ice cream shop in the lower 48 states.

According to the Finger Lakes Times, owner Sam Solomon attributes their sweet success to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From mint picked on the day of mixing to milk sourced from nearby cows and even eggs produced from Ancona ducks on the premises, Spotted Duck's commitment to quality shines through in every scoop.

Originally founded by Daniel and Elizabeth Hoover, the shop was sold to Solomon only a few years ago. Back then, Solomon also had a wood-fired pizza truck on the premises but today, his focus is all in on creating "honest desserts" using only real, locally sourced ingredients.

The creative mastermind behind the unique flavors is Chef Pamela Cecere. With concoctions like "Pamity Coffee," a creamy latte with a hint of cardamom, Cecere brings a touch of magic to the ice cream menu. The coffee beans used in this flavor come from Amity Coffee, a local roaster just up the road in Penn Yan.

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