So Personality and Individual Differences did a survey recently and asked why do you search for your ex online. Nearly 2/3rd of them said that they were "just curious" but I think the other 1/3rd were lying.

Here were the other top responses: I want to confirm that letting me slip through her fingers ruined her life and I want to make sure she is not dating someone better than me.

The study also says if you're still friends with your ex on social media then you're a psychopath, narcissist or both. It could be called "Friends with Ex's."

Apparently it's a way to keep tabs on your ex to see if they're with someone new....or maybe you want to keep the door open to getting back together with them in the future.

Ask anyone that's gotten back with an ex and 98.1% of them will tell you that it only took 2 dates to remind them why they broke up in the first place.

Here's a question: If they aren't part of your everyday life anymore, why are you keeping them as "friends" with them on social media?

I've been told that some of my exes were psycho. They all had ONE thing in common...Me. I'm beginning to think that I'm the one that made them that way.

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