With more and more people staying home because of the coronavirus crisis, it's giving them more time alone and more time on social media. One of the things that I suggest is to change your focus and spend less time online.

If you are spending more time online, what are you searching for? After a while, you run out of things and you decide to see what and how your ex is doing. Science Direct did a study and asked this question: Why do you search for your ex online?

Here was one response: "I wanted to confirm that letting me slip through her fingers ruined her life and I want to make sure she isn't with someone better than me." I think she made the right decision when she let him go.

According to the survey, 2/3rds of them said that they were "just curious" but I think the other 1/3rd may have been lying.

The survey suggested that it was a way to keep tabs on their ex and see if they're with someone new or to keep the door open to getting back together with them. It's called "Friends with Exes."

I've been told that some of my exes were psycho and I realize that they all had ONE thing in common...Me. I'm beginning to think that I'm the one that made them that way.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, maybe it's best if you keep social distancing in place from them too.


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