You wake up in the morning. Check your phone, let out a sigh, and then do that weird full body wake up stretch. That stretch shouldn’t stop there however. You should dedicate a little time before your morning coffee to loosen up!

When you lay horizontally, additional fluid will flow to your joints and back. This is why some of us may experience morning stiffness. By stretching out in the morning you can void further joint pain throughout your day.

Stretching in the morning can actually make your smarter, sort of. Stretching in the morning will increase your blood flow, especially to your brain. Coffee helps me focus in the morning, but science tells us increased blood flow to the brain will help you stay sharp throughout the day.

Caffeine and I have a romantic relationship, it helps me get through the day. Stretching in the morning can actually replace caffeine some. Its been suggested a good morning stretch actually aids in giving us continuous energy throughout the day. When 3 o’clock rolls around you can avoid the afternoon doze off by developing a morning stretching routine.

So when you wake up tomorrow morning, touch your toes once or twice. Its good for you!

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