2020 has been different in so many ways because of the coronavirus pandemic. We've been depressed, worried, and experienced financial stress. Do you know what word I haven't heard during these difficult times? Grouchy.

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We all know somebody that has always been grouchy, even before this year went off the rails. I actually know a few people that are only happy when they are grouchy. If you don't know someone that's a grouch then maybe it's you. If it is you, then get ready to celebrate because today is your day.

National Grouch Day is celebrated on October 15th because it was on this date in 1969 that Oscar the Grouch made his first appearance on "Sesame Street." We know what makes us grouchy in 2020 but what else makes you a grouch?

Here's some of mine:

People that tell me how to golf. I know it sounds helpful and they mean well. Here's the thing: If I know what I'm doing, then what can I use as an excuse?

People who eat everything on their plate. I should clarify, back when we had all you could eat buffet, it made me grouchy if you didn't eat everything. If you're not sure if you'll like it then take a smaller portion. The whole idea behind all-you-can-eat is that you can go back.

That being said, if I'm at a holiday get together with friends or family, I don't want them to eat everything. Because if the food is gone, so are any chance of leftovers. I also love my friends that don't believe in leftovers and insist that I take some home with me.

People that let go ahead of you when you open the door and they don't say thanks.This another time that wearing a mask comes in handy. Because they can't hear me muttering to them, "Your mom must be so proud of you."

If you're a grouch and it makes you feel better than embrace today. Enjoy and have a grouchy day. What makes you grouchy?

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