I can't believe how many times that I've said this to myself lately, "how did my little girl grow up so fast." My daughter, Tara is going to be a senior next school year and where has the time gone.

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It seems just like yesterday that I brought my convertible by the house during a test drive and she said to me  "Daddy, you have the bestest car ever." So then I knew that I had to buy it and I could say I bought it for the children.

That was nine years ago and recently, she drove me around in that very same car and we went for ice cream at Frosty Joe's. That is just one of the so many moments that I will cherish forever.

Father-Daughter Take A Walk Day

That's why I love that today (7/7) is "Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day." It's a day to promote the bonding time between fathers and daughters as well as the benefits of physical activity.

Some doctors say that walking is the most important part of a healthy life and modest exercise like walking can help fight obesity and boost brain activity. For me, that is a happy side benefit to spending a little more time together with my daughter.

In this crazy, stressed-out time that we live in, take a moment to connect or reconnect with your daughter today. I'm fortunate enough that I have the opportunity to talk, walk or chat with my daughter at the house and I know she'll be leaving the nest soon.

If it's not possible to take a walk together today, then take a stroll and think of them. If you're like me, you'll be shedding some happy tears. As the saying goes, "I'm not crying, you are."

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