Friday, October 22nd is "National Nut Day." This "holiday" was created by a food company to encourage us to eat healthier snacks and you can go here to read about the history of National Nut Day.

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I have a better idea, let's have some nutty fun and recognize the people who drive us NUTS at work or as we like to call them, the "office nuts." I know more people are working at home so the one driving you nutty might be a family member or the dog

Office Nuts

Sloppy Sam: If we are going to have some fun at our co-worker's expense, I should start with me. This is me for sure, it's hard to tell where the clutter ends and the papers of importance begin. There is a desk under there but you might have to take my word for it.

The Neat Freak: This is the opposite of the Sloppy Sam. This is Traci and I mean it in the best way possible. There isn't a paper or hair out of place. The Neat Freak has it all least at their desk.

The Coffee Culprit: This is the person who drinks the last cup of coffee and "forgets" to make another pot. They are also known to leave just enough coffee in the pot that you are left with some grounds and then it's left to you to make the next pot.

The Perfume Polluter: She comes to work wearing a half bottle of perfume. You can smell her a half-mile away and you can "enjoy" their scent in your office for hours after she leaves. I suppose it could be a guy too but probably not.

The Gossip: Every office has one and if you don't know who it is, then it's probably you. The good thing about this person is that they know more about your life than you do. So if you forget something about yourself, you can ask them.

The Nutrition Nanny: They look at your lunch, grimace, and tell you that stuff will kill you. Sometimes I wonder if they really want to eat your junk food and hope to guilt you out of eating it yourself. Maybe that's just what I would do.

Speaking of nuts, here are two nutty co-workers...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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