Today, May 11th is "National Eat What You Want Day" and it's a celebration that most of us started over a year ago. I can't be the only one that's been looking into the refrigerator even when I knew I wasn't hungry?

I can't tell you how many times that I would walk from the family room to the dining room and stop in the kitchen and open up a cupboard...or two. The same cupboards that I passed and opened less than an hour before.

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They were so many reasons including stress, boredom, stress. Yes, I wrote it twice. Even though things are opening up, there is still a lot of stress in our lives. Will gas prices continue to rise especially since the Colonial Pipeline cybersecurity attack?

What's the next shortage to join chlorine, lumber, and chicken? What about graduation ceremonies and indoor get-togethers? It's enough to reach for something to eat and then we stress about that.

So give yourself a cheat day and allow yourself to celebrate "National Eat What You Want Day". Treat your sweet tooth, have breakfast for dinner, eat what you want as if there are no consequences ( your waistline will tell you that you've been doing that during the pandemic.)

Ideas To Eat Or Make Today

Here's an idea for you to try with your kids. Ask them what crazy food that they would like to make or try today. Captain Crunch with orange soda instead of milk. Bake an M&M with chocolate chip sticky buns.

My personal favorite: Meatball sub with lettuce and mayo. Ok, I've been eating that since 1988 but today I don't need to be ashamed about it.

So what do you want to eat or make today?

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