Today is "Sneak a Kiss" Day. Growing up for me, every day was Sneak a Kiss Day. I would sneak up, give a kiss, and get a smack, unfortunately, it usually wasn't a kiss smack.

I had to be pretty fast so it was get in, give a kiss and get out. I'm not even sure they even knew it was me or they just didn't let on. Ironically enough, if I was a kid now and tried to sneak a kiss at school, it's grounds for suspension.

For most, kissing is romantic and something to be enjoyed. They say that the first kiss is the most memorable moment in your life. I don't know who "they" are but I rank my first radio job and the birth of Tara as a more memorable moment.

If your partner isn't big into kissing, maybe you can convince them of the health benefits of the kiss. Kissing creates saliva. Saliva helps wash food from your teeth and that will lower the level of acidity on your teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

That sounds like a lot of work to get a smooch so I hope they are a good kisser. They say a bad kiss is better then no kiss at all but I think it depends on who it is.

Well I hope all this kiss talk will get her engine running but if that doesn't work, try firing up some Kenny G and tell her about the health benefits again....Now if I can only figure out why she doesn't want to kiss me.

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