Part of me is happy that we don't really have a full blown company Christmas party here at the Hawk. Instead we have a Christmas lunch at the station the Friday before Christmas each year where we eat, laugh and exchange gifts. And where no kissing happens.

There's so much less pressure having a casual party than having a full blown Christmas party. And...there's less of a chance that naughty business might happen by having our party in the office.

So guys, remember this when your wife tells you, "No, you don't have to come to my company Christmas party this year." Yeah . . . that means she might make out with one of the stock boys. Not saying that she will, but there's a chance it could happen.

Turns out that married women are more likely to kiss someone at a company Christmas party than married men. 48% of single men say they've kissed a married female coworker at the office party. And on the other hand only 22% of single women have kissed a married male coworker.

So that either means married women are more likely to make out with their coworkers than married men or men are more willing than women to admit they kissed someone who was married.

Oh, and four out of five coworkers who hook up at the Christmas party end up turning it into a one-time or short-term thing. Only about one in five end in relationships. So if you're thinking of hooking up with someone at your company party, you might want to think twice.

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