To quote Bob Dylan, "These times are a changing." June 15th is "Sneak a Kiss Day" and when I was growing up, I could "sneak" up on the gal that I wanted to impress, give her a quick peck on the cheek and run.

I remember the first girl that I gave a "kiss" to on the playground by the monkey bars, her name was Vicky. It was innocent and I still remember it now. If I tried that today, I could get suspended or worse.

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The American Psychological Society said that the first kiss is the most memorable moment in any person's life. For me, the birth of my daughter, Tara, and getting hired at 98.1 the Hawk rate a little higher...Okay, a lot higher.

So we can debate the whole "sneak a kiss" issue but I think I'll save that for another day. Instead, let's look at some obscure kissing laws that are still on the books.

Obscure Kissing Laws

In New York, you can be fined $25 dollars for flirting. Anything to make a buck in the Empire State.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to kiss your wife on Sunday. That explains why everyone is in a bad mood on Mondays in Connecticut.

In Iowa, a kiss lasting longer than 5 minutes is against the law. If you're keeping track of how long your kissing, then you may not be doing it right.

In Wisconsin, it's illegal to kiss on a train. Maybe that's the real reason that Aaron Rogers wants out of Green Bay.

They say a bad kiss is better than no kiss. I don't know about that, a bad kiss is a total game-changer and show-stopper.

Where was the first place you kissed?

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