Fitness and Fun. C'mon how often does that happen? I may not know how often but I do know that it will happen June 18th at Otsiningo Park and the Hot Cross Run.

Wait there's more, it's three kinds of fun. Hot Yoga, Crossfit and a 2 mile run. If Rich can do Hot Yoga then so can you. It's the first of it's kind in the Southern Tier.

As I'm getting ready for this event, I was told by a friend of mine the importance of having the right shoe. Whether it's for this event or anything else that involves running.

I ref basketball and during the summer, I could ref up to 10 games in a weekend. My feet and knees can take quite a beating. One of my fellow officials was telling me that he runs into the same problem....until recently.

He told me that he gets his sneakers from Confluence Running. They helped him get the kind of sneaker that fit him and the pain has gone away.

So I went there too and Matt helped out. Here's what happened.

WARNING: My feet and legs are bare during parts of this video, watch at your own risk. To find out more about Hot Cross Run and to sign up, go here.