Ever since we've started talking about how excited we are that Hot Cross Run is going be in Binghamton soon, I've heard some ramblings about if it's too hard for the common person to take part in. NOPE!  You'll have a blast, and you can go at your own speed as usual with all of our events!

The 1st myth I am going to dispel is that: "Hot yoga is horrible, I've heard that all the poses and the heat make you feel like you want to die!" I am here to be living proof that your do not die, nor feel like you are dying. It was fun and and you sweat profusely and it was awesome.

Watch me do Hot Yoga:

I'll check out the cross fit soon enough! You can do this easily. Have some fun, get some friends and make a midday of it. Join us for Hot Cross Run at Otsiningo Park In Binghamton on June 18th. It will run from 10am to 3pm and I repeat, It's for everyone! So, if you are a sponsor, a tough as nails competitor, friends looking for something cool to do, or you just want to watch.

This event will blow the top off the fun container and leave your boredom from routines at work running out of your ear!

Click PLAY below to hear me say the red sentence above with an


98.1 The Hawk is very committed and passionate about making a difference by giving back to the community. Each event will have a charity component to not only raise awareness but also raise funds for the Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP).  Plus enjoy guidance by the professionals at Bikram Yoga Binghamton, Southern Tier Crossfit, and Confluence Running all the way through Hot Cross Run.

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