Yell as Loud as You Can at the Gym
We have all seen the guy or girl. Ripped up shirt, a giant shaker bottle, and a bunch of white chalk around them. They are getting ready to kick the gym’s butt. They breath heavy and grunt like there’s no tomorrow. Does the grunting actually help?!
Birdsall Does Hot Yoga [VIDEO]
Ever since we've started talking about how excited we are that Hot Cross Run is going be in Binghamton soon, I've heard some ramblings about if it's too hard for the common person to take part in. NOPE!
Resolve To Get Fit in 2013
Everyone says they want to gain (or lose) weight.  January is typically the time people get more serious about resolving that goal.  It takes a lot of hard work dedication but the payoffs can be great.
Here's how you can make 2013 the year you exchange that six-pack of beer for a six-p…

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