Hold onto your seats, folks. This news is so big that you might need to stabilize yourself for it. Wait for it...wait...I did it. I bought new sneakers.

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You're probably shaking your head and rolling your eyes over my dramatic announcement, but in reality, buying brand new sneakers is a big deal for this girl because it's the first new pair I've bought in nearly EIGHT years.

I have been wearing the same obnoxiously bright pink sneakers for nearly eight years and was forced to replace them when I walked across the street and the wet from outside on the street ended up inside my shoe, soaking into my socks.

I have very hard to fit feet and I'm also hard on my feet so I don't spend a lot on shoes because I just wear right through them but there was no salvaging my nasty old sneakers. While driving to the mall to buy new shoes, I thought about what I wanted in a sneaker: cheap and dark-colored.

I walked through the doors of Burlington and went to the shoe section and there they were: $19.99 Filas in black and white AND in my size. I took a chance and bought them hoping they'd be wide enough and was thrilled when I got back to my car and tried them on. Like a glove. I almost feel like we should take bets on how long these babies will last. I'm hoping for an eight-year repeat although I've been told that's actually a bad idea.

If you're someone who wears your sneakers faithfully or someone who does a lot of running, wearing the same sneakers for eight years because you're cheap and stubborn like me might not be the greatest thing for your feet.

The experts at Esquire say that we should be replacing our sneakers every six to twelve months depending on how much wear we're putting them through. Oops.

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