Hot Cross Run

Hot Cross Run Today!
We are gearing up for the Hot Cross Run today (June 18) at Otsiningo Park. This morning is a bit on the cooler side, so you might want to dress in layers that you'll be able to remove as it warms up.
Weekend Highlights
Lots of family fun with a popular festival, the Hot Cross Run on Saturday and a legendary concert in town this week leading up to Father's Day.
Hot Cross Run
Hot Cross Run is this Saturday. We talked to Barry from Southern Tier Crossfit. He answers many of the questions that you may have about this event.
Hot Cross Run is Super Fun!
Hot Cross Run is just days away and Roxanne from Bikram Yoga came over to chat with me about why Hot Yoga is NOT scary or difficult and actually fun and beneficial. She explains that this is a beginning class that will introduce you to how plain out awesome adding yoga to your life!
Sweating the Small Stuff
A new study says it's not so much the big life stresses that will send you to an early grave as it is the smaller stresses and how you handle them.
Hot Cross YUM!
It doesn't have to be boring when you prepare for your workout either before or after you lift weights, walk or prepare for the Hot Cross Run in Binghamton Saturday June 18th.
The Right Sneaker
Hot Cross Run is coming on June 18th. Having the right sneaker can make all the difference. Matt from Confluence Running explains what you can do. WARNING: Video contains my bare feet and legs.

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