It seems like everyone has an opinion on the best time of the day to sneak in a great workout. Some believe that the best time of day is early morning before work. Others say that there's nothing like ending the workday with a workout. So which is the best?

The answer is- either. That's right, experts say that the best time of day to work out is actually based on each individual. It’s all about when you feel your strongest and most active. If you have a burst of energy in the middle of the day and feel enthusiastic to run during lunch- then do it! And if you feel like you have the most energy and desire to work out at 5am, then that's the time you should make your workout happen.

Experts say though that consistency is key. You really need to pick a time to work out each day and stick to that time. Many studies have proven that if you workout at the same time every day, your body will actually start performing more efficiently at that time.

If you really want to up your game, why not grab a couple friends, make a team and join us for our Hot Cross Run on June 18th? The Hot Cross Run involves Hot Yoga, Crossfit and a two-mile run and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Southern Tier AIDS Program!

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