The bad news? 2020 turned our worlds upside down and whooped our behinds. The good news, we can redeem ourselves.'s going to take sweat and a lot of it.

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If you spent the majority of 2020 sitting, you're not alone. Sitting while working from home, sitting on the couch watching Netflix instead of working out, sitting and sitting and sitting. We did so much of that last year.

And now we're in a new year and we keep telling ourselves that we're going to get up off the couch and back into the newly opened gyms but that would require putting on pants and going outside and outside feels like a Polar Vortex right now. So, we'll just stay sitting.

I heard someone recently say that sitting is the new smoking meaning that sitting is just as bad for our bodies, especially our hearts. Your heart health is so important and if you're sitting and not being active, you're not doing yourself any favors.

If you're serious about undoing the negative effects that sitting has had on your body over the last year, experts say that you're going to need to engage in some seriously intense stuff like weightlifting and high-intensity interval training and not just sporadically but on a regular basis.

However, as will all things, there's a catch. Health experts say high-intensity workouts to reverse the effects of sitting will only help people under the age of 65.

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