We all know somebody that is always grouchy. In fact, they only seem to be happy, when they are grouchy. If you don't know someone that is grouchy, then maybe it's you. If that's you, then today is your day because it's National Be a Grouch Day.

So what happens to you that makes you a Grouch? Here's mine:

People who try to tell me how to golf. If I know what I'm doing, then what can I use as an excuse?

People who eat everything on their plate. It used to bother me if you left stuff on your plate, then I realized that if you eat everything, there aren't leftovers for me.

Calling a business and getting an automated answering machine. I have a question that I need answered and I call them and it gives me options. Unfortunately, none of the options are the ones I want. Remember when you could just press "0" to get a human operator....Not anymore.

People that you let go ahead of you when you open the door and they don't say thanks. I have to give Traci credit for this one. If they don't say thanks then say "Your momma must be so proud."

Enjoy and have a Grouchy Day.....You deserve it! So what makes you grouchy?

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