Saturday is National Do Something Nice Day. We don't know why it's on October 5 or who came up with the idea. I think that was nice of them to come up with this little distraction at the beginning of October.

It's a lot like National Random Acts of Kindness Day that's celebrated on February 17. Is it sad that we need two days to remind us to be nice and kind to others? I digress.

I read once that real generosity is when you do something nice for someone who will never find out (You mean, I'm not supposed to splash it all over Facebook?) They also say that if you do something nice for someone that it helps us to feel less anxious.

Anxiety can be a feeling that just won't go away, like a cold that just lingers. So if you want to get rid of your anxiety then "do something nice" for someone else today...and every day.  I find that it's also nice if I do something with my kids.

I find it ironic that part of National Do Something Nice Day is to do something nice without telling anyone what you did, then use hashtag it  #DoSomethingNiceDay and post it on social media.

I guess that's just the world we live in today. So what are you going to do today?

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