Today (11/15) is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, so it's a great time to clean out the frig. Here are some frig tips that can help you save cash and give you an excuse to pig out today.

Make sure the seal is tight. If you can fit a dollar bill through the door, then you should replace the seal. If you can fit a dollar in the door, that means dollars are coming out (and I don't mean like a casino slot.)

Here's one that I recently learned. Don't store hot food. It makes the refrigerator work harder to cool the food and uses more energy. It's suggested that you put the food on the stovetop to cool down. If you have cats, keep an eye out, they may want to enjoy some of the leftovers on the stove too.

Here's another drawback: If I leave it on top of the stove, then I'm going to pick at it.  If I do that, I could at least blame the cats and not have to worry about putting it in the refrigerator at all.

Since I'm a Master Planner, I'll put the food on the porch to cool. You know, out of sight, out of mind. I did that once with a birthday cake and a squirrel decided that he wanted to have a few bites. When we went to my parents, they kept wondering why I didn't want any cake that day.

Okay, back to the tips. Don't store fruit together.  If you store fruit in the same drawer or area, it has a tendency to rot faster. Fruit apparently is a lot like women in the office, if you put them together they all get on the same "schedule."

In the case of the fruit, they will ripen faster if they're together. I have no idea or want to know if the same is true with women in the office.

Another way to save money quit opening the door over and over again and expecting to find new food. Did you now that there's a refrigerator that you can tap on the glass twice and you can see through it? I think I'll put that on my Christmas wish list.

If your wife asks you why you are pigging out today, just tell her that you are celebrating National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. You are welcome and enjoy!

[via National Day Calendar]

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