So we told you last week that the Broome County Humane Society's Duck Derby is still on despite COVID-19. They are celebrating their 10th year at a new location at Highland Park in Endwell.

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It's their biggest fundraiser of the year and they need your help if they want to make this event a success. The adoptions are off to a slow start because of the coronavirus pandemic but it's not stopping them.

They aren't giving up and we hope that you won't either. Here's a way to help while filling your stomach at the same time. It's a Mountain Top Clam Stop tomorrow (5/30) at the BC Humane Society, 167 Conklin Avenue in Binghamton beginning at noon.

Go here to get your clam fix and don't forget to bring your bottles and cans as a donation to the Humane Society. Debry Duck adoptions will be available from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you can't make it to the clambake but you want to adopt some ducks, go here.

Sunday is National Smile Day and you can put a smile on a cat or dog by adopting a pet from the BC Humane Society...I know it's a bit of a stretch but we really want to help them.

You can also put a smile on your children's face by adopting a pet for only $25. I've adopted several cats from them and couldn't be happier. They like to greet my daughter, Tara, when she comes home from work and they sleep in her bedroom too.

You can make a difference for your kids and the BC Humane Society too.

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